EASY-90 Automatic Sliding Door

  • Meets Australian Standards.
  • Greater energy efficiency.
  • The absence of brushes which would cause wear means increased durability over time.
  • Lower battery consumption and operating ability in the event of a power failure.
  • Simple and functional automation.
  • Easy, fast installation.
  • Ideal solution to automate the entrances of hotels, shops, public buildings, shopping centres and hospitals. 


Reduced energy consumption:

Electrical power consumption for 1,500 opening/closing cycles with leaves weight = 2×50 kg and clear passage = 1,400mm
Daily = 0,205 kWh – Yearly 74,803 kWh

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Max Power: 100W
Power in Standby: 6W
Brushless Motor: 24 VDc with builtin hall effect sensors
Opening Speed: Max 1 m/Sec
Closing Speed: Max 0.6 m/Sec
Adjustable Pause Time: 0-30 Sec
Operating Temperature: -15 to +50 Degree Celsius
Protection Rating: IP22